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General Advice on Leading Class: Remember that you will lead (as in guide) discussion, not do a report or lecture. You can assume that the class has done the reading or seen the film (so there's no need to summarize the reading or film). You can both pose questions and solicit them but in a way that makes use and develops some crucial issues (rather than a townhall format where questions are posed randomly). The discussion leaders are not supposed to (have to) do all the talking. Also, remember that in preparing discussion you end up taking lots of notes and that you will have far more material to dicuss than we will actually cover in class. Teaching is like writing in this respect; you (should) always have more notes, more text than you end up keeping for your final draft. You'll all want to collaborate on notes and questions by and / or in person. I'll email everyone in each group so you can correspond by email. If you wish, I can also meet your group in my office after class at least the class before your group will lead class. We can then talk more about the materials you'll be teaching and I can make some preliminary suggestions. You can contact me anytime to meet in person or by email to talk about the readings and / or film on which you'll be leading the discussion. Please get me your notes at least 48 hours before class so I can comment on them and make suggestions. I will of course still be participating in class discussion as well.

Please print out the discussion questions after I post them and bring them with you to class. Feel free to call on students.

Please don't hesitate to ask me any questions you may have as you put your notes together. Ditto for reading out loud in class passages from a reading. or a scene from a film.

Be in touch with your co-leader by email at least a week before you co-lead. CC me all of your email correspondence.

This is what you correspndence should look like. Each student should send his or her notes to the other co-leader or co-leaders as well as to me. It's not fair to your your co-leaders not to be in touch and not to send your notes, etting him or her do all the work.


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