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Links to course websites:

Fall 2020 ENG 4133: Closely Watched Films

Fall 2020 Lit 4930: Poescrypts

Spring 2021 Lit 4930: See Also: Reading Out of Sequence

Spring 2021 ENG 4133: Contemplative Auteurs

In my last as yet unspecified semester as an English Professor, I will design and teach two courses on reading, one entitled "Closed Reading," on I.A. Richards, William Empson, and Stephen Booth; the other a companion course entitled "Closing In On Reading," on De Man, Booth, and Derrida. Salut.

Past Courses Actually Taught (Selected):

Fall 2019 ENG 4133 (Per)Versions: Re-Visiting Literature and Film Adaptations and Editions Preposterously

Fall 2019 LIT 4930 Audible Reading: A Phenomenology of Sounds and Voices

Spring 2019 ENG 4133 Film Trailers, Film Titles

Spring 2019 LIT 4930 Skepticism: Montaigne, Emerson, Nietzsche

Fall 2018 LIT 4930 Loser Lit

Fall 2018 ENG 4133 The Digital Film Critical Edition

Spring 2018 LIT 4930 Forgery, Fauxrensics, Philosophy

Spring 2018 ENG 4133 Sound, Silent Cinema, Musicology

LIT 4930 Faute de Lecture: Psy-tation and Spectres of Authorship in Sterne, Derrida, Shakespeare,

De Man, Shelley, Shelley, and Rousseau Fall 2017

Fall 2017 ENG 4133 Paranoid 70s Cinema Fall 2017

ENG 4930 Posthumography: Editorial Excrecensces and Eco-graph-ologies of Death Spring 2017

ENG 4133 "I'm Not Crazy!" Mental Illness on Film Spring 2017

ENG 4133 I See Deaf People: Dis -ability and the Reinvention of Silent Film Fall 2016

LIT 4930 Death Sentences: Philosophy and Freedom of Speech from Socrates to Derrida Fall 2016

ENG 4133 Shakespeare and Film Summer A 2016

ENG 4133 Touchy Feelings: Aesthetics, the Uncanny, and Malicious Objects and Spirits Spring 2016

ENG 4133 Welles, Shakespeare, Media Spring 2016

LIT 4930 Kierkegaard, Kafka, and the King James Bible Fall 2015

ENG 4133 Guilty Until Proven "Guilty!" Fall 2015

ENG 4133 The Disappearing Man: No Escape Spring 2015

ENG 4122 Bibliomania!!! Swift, Sterne &c. ___***____ Spring 2015

ENL 4133 Space Shots Air Heads Fall 2014

ENG 4133 1C26 Film Philology: ciNOma Fall 2014

ENG 4936 Honors Seminar Un/Reading Disaster Spring 2014

ENG 4133 Section 11B9 Hamlet vs. Lear Spring 2014

ENG 6056 Grad Seminar Deconstruction and New Media Theory Fall 2013

LIT 4933 Shipwreck Fall 2013

ENG 4133 Silent Film Philology Spring 2013

ENG 4133 Drive Spring 2013

On research leave 2012

ENL 6076 Writing to Death: Barthes, Blanchot, Derrida ( Fall 2011)

ENG 4936 Seminar on "Posthmography" (Fall 2011)

ENG 4144 Hamlet, Faust, and the Political (Fall 2011)

ENG 3011 Section 5051 A Splice of Life: Biopolitics and Biomedics (Spring 2011)

ENG 4113 Section 4396 Ashes of Cinema: Philology, Film Restoration, and Deconstruction (Spring 2011)

ENG 6216 Chaucer's Wake

ENG 4133 Haunting Hamlet (Fall 2010)

ENG 6075: Film and Media Theory (in Theory) (Fall 2010)

ENG 4133: Unintelgbl: Scratching the Surfaces of Death on Film, Photography, and Storage Media (Spring 2010)

ENG 4133 Shelf-Life: Media Histories and the Project of Self-Storage (Spring 2010)

ENG 6075 Grad Seminar: French Connections: The Material(i)s(m) and Media of Literary Theory (Fall 2009)

ENG 4936 Honors Seminar: Renaissance Tragedy, Political Theology, and Cinema (Fall 2009)

ENG 3115 Intro to Film Criticism and Film Theory (Spring 2009)

ENG 4133: The Western and Film Noir (Spring 2009)

ENG 6075: Grad Seminar: Historicism, Psychoanalysis, and Surrealist Cinema (Fall 2008)

ENG 4133 Extended Cinema (Fall 2008)

ENG 4953 Dept Seminar: Fritz Lang and Alfred Hitchcock (Fall 2008)

ENG 4133 Medieval and Early Modern Film and Media Theory (Spring 2008)

ENG 3115 Intro to Film Criticism and Film Theory (Spring 2008)

ENG 6075 Issues in Film and Media Theory (Fall 2007)

ENG 4133 Medieval and Early Modern Film and Media (Fall 2007)

ENG 4133 Medievalism on Film

ENG 4133 Son of Psycho-cinem-analysis

ENG6075: Grad Seminar: Indexing History in Film and Media: From Print Paratexts to Cinematic and Media Paratexts

ENG 4133 Shakespeare and Race

ENG 6075 Grad Seminar: Academedia

ENG 4110 The Film Epic and U.S. Imperialism

ENG 4133 The Reduced Shakespeare Class

ENG 4133 The Schlock of Medievalism: The Middle Ages at the Movies

ENL 4220 The Erotic Politics of Renaissance Culture

ENG 4133 The Accident: Media, Memory, and Drive in Film and Narrative Theory (Fall 2004 )

ENL 6226 Shakespeare, Transnational Film, and Mass Media ( Graduate Seminar, Fall 2004 )

ENG 4133 Psycho-Cinem-Analysis (Senior seminar, Fall 2003)

ENG 4133 Renaissance Remakes: Post-National Film and the Infidelities of History ( Spring 2004)

Renaissance Remakes: Post-National Film and the Infidelities of History (Graduate Seminar, Fall 2003)

Ever Afterlives: Fashioning the Renaissance on Film and Video ( Undergraduate course , 2002)

Ever Afterlives: Romancing the Aristocracy (Graduate Seminar, 2000)

The Gothic in Literature and Film (Undergraduate course, Fall 2002)

Shakespeare (Lecture course 221, 2003)

Fall 2019 ENG 4133 Secular Jewish Comedy / Secular Jewish Horror

Spring 2020 ENG 4133 Hollywood Melodrama and Existentialism

Spring 2020 LIT 4930 Narrative Detours


More Coming Attractions ofCourses I May or May Not Teach:

LIT 4122 You ARE Alone!

ENG 4133 Just Watch!


LIT 4122 Die Trying

ENG 4133 War IS the Answer!

LIT 4930 Bare Ruined Choirs (we'd read poetry and novels about restoring or destroying or destroyed churches.
From Shakespeare's Sonnet 73 to Thomas Gray'sElegy Written on a Churchyard to Gothic novels to Wordsworth's "Tintern Abbey."
Penelope Fitzgerald, Gate of Angels
J. Carr, A Month in the Country
The cathedral scene in F for Fake-Welles on Chartres
A Canterbury Tale film by Powell and Pressburger. Will also address Taiban and ISIS iconoclasm, Protestant iconoclasm, Catholic Reformation, Jewish taboo on images, 3D restoration of destroyed sculptures, art restoration, Gothic Revival, and so on.

LIT 4930 Memes, Maxims, Memoranda, Aphorisms, Epigrams, Tweets, Epitaphs, Adagia, Essays, Proverbs, &c, &c.

or Cutting It Short: Literature and Film as Suicide Notes

ENG 4133 Insect Literature, Film, and Media

LIT 4930 Close Listening Spring 201?

LIT 4930 German Shakespeare from Schlegel to Schmitt 201?

Shakespeare, Screwball Comedy, and Cavell

LIT 4122 Dickens, Kafka, and the Law

Stuupid Cinema

ENG 4930 Love Songs: Dramatizing the Lyric from the Sonnet to the Sonata

How to Plagiarize and Get Away with It

LIT 4930 The Blind Reading the Blind Spring 2018

ENG 4133 Serial War Horror Film Spring 2018

LIT 4122 English Lit as Translation

LIT 4930 Loser Literature: Irony , Idiocy, Incomprehensibility

You Will Recall: Memory and Cinema

ENG 4133 Guilty as Cinema: Hearing N Justice

ENG 4133 Differantly -Abled: Derrida's Dis / abilities

ENG 4133 Art Film (painting in the "art" film)

ENG 4133 Foucault, Biopolitics, Archive

ENG 4133 Notes, Records

ENL 4133The Uninvited Reading

ENG 4133 Strike!

ENL 4133 Please Hold

ENL 4133 Press Mute

ENL 4936 Novel Networks

ENG 4122 Preparing to Fail

ENG 4133 How to Destoy a Film

ENG 4133 Endless Frustration

ENG 4133 Heidegger, Derrida, Poetry

ENG 4133 You Can't Get There From Here

ENG 6075 Posthumography

ENG 4133 Letters

ENG 4133 Imperialism, Africa, Film

ENG 4133 Politics Friendship Primitive Animal


ENL Not Working

LIT 4332: Reading "Everything": Derrida and Heidegger on Film, Photography, Facsimile, and Paper

(and even on shoelaces and thread)

ENG 4133 TrAuMissioNs: Psyching Out Psychoanalysis

ENG 4133 Sounding Out Silence in Cinema

ENG 4113 Film Theory on Film Histories of Cinema and Media

ENL 4220 Secularization, Sacrilege, and the Renaissance Image

ENG 3011 Theorists (in Theory): From Arche-Writing to the Archive

ENG 4133 Danger, Children (in development)

Guilty Until Proven Guilty: Law EnFORCEment

Spring 2019 LIT 4930 Derrida, Joyce, Lacan

or Spring 2019 4930 Poe Scrypts

or Spring 2019 LIT 4390 Surviving Extinction: Writing the Prehuman



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