Richard Burt


(Intentionally / Missing "U")*

Department Seminar

ENG 4953 Section 6170

Fall 2011

Tuesdays Periods 2-3, Thursdays period 2

106 (Rinker Hall)

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T 2-3, R 2


RNK 106

(Rinker Hall)

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Professor Richard Burt

Richard Burt is "an innovative and successful teacher who challenges
students and who puts tremendous energy into course design and
Kenneth Kidd
Associate Professor and Chair
Department of English
9/9/2011 7:19 AM.

Please email me only to send me class assignments. Otherwise, please talk to me in person after (not before) class or during office hours.

Office: 4314 Turlington Hall

Office Phone 352 392-6650

Office Hours: after class, and by appointment


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Slow Motion Reading

Better to Burt Out than to fade away (unless you're Kafka)







Jacques Derrida in Ghost Dance

Avital Ronell on the examined life

Sigmund Freud, "The Uncanny"

Friedrich Schlegel, "On Incomprehensibility"

Reading as scanning

My LibraryThing

Widescreen vs. Pan & Scan


Interpretation as Circle


Donut Theory

*Editor's Note: Thank "U," Craig Saper, for pointing out the typo in the title of my course, thereby allowing me to insert poetic nonsense with a pun on "u" in the parenthetical subtitle (I added it after your notice).