Classics Illustrated #2 Ivanhoe (painted covered editon), January 1957. Cover artist unknown; inside art by Norman Nodel. (This was the most frequently repinted issue in the series; 12 reprints.) On page 23 of the comic book, a wall hanging seen in a room of the castle (when de Bracy corners Rowena) is taken from parts of the Bayeux Tapestry, here taking a scroll-like form. Notice that the Bayeux Tapestry appears in the context of a thinly veiled threat of rape (in this case, coerced marriage), as it often does in films. This comic book version of Ivanhoe is the only comic of many comic book versions (see below) that uses the Bayeux Tapestry.

(The first panel in the upper left of the page shows a wall hanging that looks more like a modern comic book panel with a Norman knight in it.) Scott's novel makes no reference to the Bayeux Tapestry. However, Rebecca does make a metaphorical mention of the reverse side of a tapestry in reference to Bois-Gilbert (430), and there are references to women and embroidery.

All page references in the notes below are to the Oxford edition with an introduction and notes by Ian Duncan (1996).

Full page (single panels are below in larger size):

Upper right panel:

Middle panel:

Source for upper half of the wall hanging in the comic panel above:

Source for lower half of the wall hanging in the comic panel above:


Note the archers taken from the bottom border used in the bottom of the comic drawing.

Acclaim Classics Illustrated reissued the 1957 version with a new cover and a study guide in 1990.

The earlier, line drawn cover (by Malcolm Kildale; inside art by Edd Ashe) edition of December, 1941.

Marvel Classics Comic (1976) edition, with the cover drawn by Gil Kane; Jess Jodloman art. (See larger image below)

Dell (1963) edition

King Classic Comics #15 Ivanhoe 1978

First Publishing / Berkeley Publishing Group Classics Illustrated Ivanhoe May 1991, new adaptation. Adapted Mark Wayne; illustrated by Ray Lago; lettered by Willie Schubert.

Marvel Classics Comics edition (1976); art by Jess Jodloman; script by Doug Moench; lettering by Condoy; cover by Gil Kane (imitating Jack Kirby)

Pocket Classics (1984) B&W 4"x7" versions of 1970's Pendulum Classics

Fawcett Movie Comic # 20 Ivanhoe w/Elizabeth Taylor and Robert Taylor photo on the cover.

Mexican version below.