The Inauguration Of President Trump and the global protests by women and on their behalf the day after made one thing perfectly clear. Liberalism or Socialism, call it what will, is over. F.D.R. and the liberal welfare state are gone. All that it left is the "culture" move, sometimes known as "civil rights" or "human rights" or as the even vaguer "representation." Take, for example, "shame culture." Or "rape culture." "Culture" is everywhere. Politics is nowhere. Compare the "it's all about culture, not policies or legislation or prosecutions or fines or anything related to the government" move made by the identity politics black guest on an RT show to the "we need to get past racial and gender and class differences" white union guy supporting the liberal welfare state on a different RT show a day earlier. See screen captures below. They retreat to the same "it's all about culture" position. They replace "politics" with "culture." "Culture" became a thing in the 1980s as U.S. corporations started training global workforces and needed to figure out how best to exploit them. Cultural Studies began at the same time. So did multi-culturalism in literature departments. The New Historicism (anthropology) arrived at the same time. And post-colonial studies. The convergence of "culture," identity politics and so called diversity proved lethal to the so-called "consciousness raising" and "woke" left as the alt-right invented white identity politics. Trump identified the poverty of "culture" when he trolled "progressives" with a photo of him eating tacos in Trump Tower saying "I love Hispanics." (“My conclusion is either Donald Trump is completely clueless or he is the greatest troll in the history of the internet. There are no other options,” she said.") With "culture," comes new, extremely punitive kinds of left-wing authoritarianism and moral policing in the form of diversity training, sentivity training, sexual harassment training, and so on. You can say whatever you want, but if you say certain things, you will be fired. And you will never find another job. Scarlet letters for all offenders. As if culture, "intersectionality," "white privilege," "rape culture," and identity politics were the only ways in which one could talk about race, gender, sexuality, and class. As if culture weren't now sheer tribalism. As if identity politics weren't code for tribalism. As if retweeting or liking or denouncing someone's post on social media were the same thing as political organizing or political action. As if liberalism were about declaring moral panics and progressives were members of the Committee of Public Safety.

Any political agenda remotely achieveable by socialists or liberals--maintaining the social safety net, enursing easy access to abortion providers and contraception, taxing the rich to reduce income inequality (Obama let W.'s tax cuts become permanent), giving equal pay for women, electing a President who will fill court appointments (which Obama left vacant) with liberal judges, legalization of marijuana, gun control, providing singlepayer insurance (which Obama ruled out), free college or forgiveness of student debt, climate change legislation, green energy incentives, student debt reduction and forgiveness, reregulating the Banks to limit finance capitalism, ending mass incarceration, ending privatized prisons, ending military contracting, cutting the Department of Defense budget, understanding the google algorithm (HRC ran her Presidential campaign using them) and the problems of "virtual competition," stopping wealth extraction from consumers by credit card companies by limiting interest rates to 4 percent, prosecuting white collar criminals (banksters, fraudsters, and so on), passing laws to strengthen or replace legislation like the Voting Rights Act (gutted by the Supreme Court) or the Civil Rights Act, higher pay for public school teachers and loan forgiveness for their debts, promotion of liberal public policies--I say any achievable political goal is shredded and replaced by the politically vacuous fall-back umbrella term "culture," i.e. civil rights, diversity, identity politics, and "incremental change": authoritarianism, liberal elites, endless wars, bombing of brown people by drones, and unregulated global capital, otherwise known as neoliberalism = neoconservativism, and so on all remain untouched.  Despair icon here. Or time to go Sukov. Adam Curtis Wipe 2014 on Vladislav Surkov "In Russia, Vladimir Putin and his cabinet of political technologists create mass confusion. Vladislav Surkov uses ideas from art to turn Russian politics into a bewildering piece of theater. Donald Trump used the same techniques in his presidential campaign by using language from Occupy Wall Street and the extreme racist right-wing. Curtis asserts that Trump "defeated journalism" by rendering its fact-checking abilities irrelevant."

The fate of literature over the paste few decades in English departments is  typified here: "Once regarded as the champion of internationalist culture, in recent years T. S. Eliot has been reclassified as a racist, a misogynist, and a fascist."

Faux Feminism?