The Randomly Selected Ford Sponsored LIST of FIRSTS INCLUDES NIKKI HALEY! And Madeleine Albright. And Hillary Clinton!

Note how most of the women are posed exactly the same way. So much for diversity. The only thing that matters is gender. The politics of the women are irrelevant.

OOPS lhan Omar, ember of the Squad.


L'Oréal sacks its first transgender model for 'all white people are racist' comment

Representation versus policy

Incoherent mutlliple racial and ethnic identities:


1942 Los Angeles

The weak symbology of neoliberalism:





Breaking Down Barriers! In the U.S., the favorite corporate adjective "first" almost always goes in an authorial, capitalist, one-percent, royals, high fashion, pro-militaristic direction. Neolibs loving it! "Getting ahead." City of Angels: Penny Dreadful Episode 5 (2020).

Sometimes "one of the rts" just has to do.


Everyone uses "first," no matter what their politics are.

Alain Badiou, The True Life

Penetration of the neoliberal lexicon into Hollywood film. Here is one example: "The First."

Nobody's Fool (dir. Tyler Perry, 2018)

From the end title sequence of the film Hidden Figures (2016)


There is no escaping neoliberalism. even in a TV adaptation of a Philip K. Dick novel about U.S. post WWII counter-history. Notice "The First" in the headline. Such a pronounced tell.


Obit: "He was the first . . . Then he died." (Being first was all that mattered, apparently.)

The first as a "laurel."


A fascist first!

Forget the political agenda!

"female lesbian?" Is there any other kind?

Here are the speeches Ocasio-Cortez, James Thompson, and Bernie Sanders gave. Notice that they have an explicitly socialist agenda.

Why not just the "corrupt Cuomo?"

OMG, I am the first? Do I get my crown now? Oh, I guess this American flag will have to do.

"also considered" Passive voice? considered by whom?

People Magazine Meets Politics (Thorne as the new neoliberal Trevor Noah)




DEC. 26, 2017

Contrast Iceland example below to the firsts that follow:

Critique of "firsts" in elitist feminist literary criticism:

Jonathan Goldberg, 1997


"She was the first woman inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame"

Aretha Franklin: The 60 Minutes interview

From 1990, 60 Minutes' Ed Bradley meets the Queen of Soul


Is the neoliberal use of "firsts" part of a corporate / CIA plot to infiltrate feminist organizations for misogynistic purposes?

Gloria Steinem Discussing Her Time in the CIA

National Student Association