What is a loser? What is a Loser?

What is Moral Studies? We will get lost as we pursue these questions.

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Disenchantment Part 1: Episode 5 (2018)

"Chapter XVI: Of the Degrees of Assent"

4. The right use of it, mutual charity and forbearance, in a necessary diversity of opinions. Since, therefore, it is unavoidable to the greatest part of men, if not all, to have several opinions, without certain and indubitable proofs of their truth ; and it carries too great an imputation of ignorance, lightness, or folly for men to quit and renounce their former tenets presently upon the offer of an argument which they cannot immediately answer, and show the insufficiency of : it would, methinks, become all men to maintain peace, and the common offices of humanity, and friendship, in the diversity of opinions ; since we cannot reasonably expect that any one should readily and obsequiously quit his own opinion, and embrace ours, with a blind resignation to an authority which the understanding of man acknowledges not. For however it may often mistake, it can own no other guide but reason, nor blindly submit to the will and dictates of another. If he you would bring over to your sentiments be one that examines before he assents, you must give him leave at his leisure to go over the account again, and, recalling what is out of his mind, examine all the particulars, to see on which side the advantage lies : and if he will not think our arguments of weight enough to engage him anew in so much pains, it is but what we often do ourselves in the like case ; and we should take it amiss if others should prescribe to us what points we should study. And if he be one who takes his opinions upon trust, how can we imagine that he should renounce those tenets which time and custom have so settled in his mind, that he thinks them self-evident, and of an unquestionable certainty ; or which he takes to be impressions he has received from God himself, or from men sent by him ? How can we expect, I say, that opinions thus settled should be given up to the arguments or authority of a stranger or adversary, especially if there be any suspicion of interest or design, as there never fails to be, where men find themselves ill treated ? We should do well to commiserate our mutual ignorance, and endeavour to remove it in all the gentle and fair ways of information ; and not instantly treat others ill, as obstinate and perverse, because they will not renounce their own, and receive our opinions, or at least those we would force upon them, when it is more than probable that we are no less obstinate in not embracing some of theirs. For where is the man that has incontestable evidence of the truth of all that he holds, or of the falsehood of all he condemns ; or can say that he has examined to the bottom all his own, or other men’s opinions ? The necessity of believing without knowledge, nay often upon very slight grounds, in this fleeting state of action and blindness we are in, should make us more busy and careful to inform ourselves than constrain others. At least, those who have not thoroughly examined to the bottom all their own tenets, must confess they are unfit to prescribe to others ; and are unreasonable in imposing that as truth on other men’s belief, which they themselves have not searched into, nor weighed the arguments of probability, on which they should receive or reject it. Those who have fairly and truly examined, and are thereby got past doubt in all the doctrines they profess and govern themselves by, would have a juster pretence to require others to follow them : but these are so few in number, and find so little reason to be magisterial in their opinions, that nothing insolent and imperious is to be expected from them : and there is reason to think, that, if men were better instructed themselves, they would be less imposing on others.

This I thought necessary to be taken notice of : because I find amongst some men the quite contrary commonly practised, who look on opinions to gain force by growing older ; and what a thousand years since would not, to a rational man contemporary with the first voucher, have appeared at all probable, is now urged as certain beyond all question, only because several have since, from him, said it one after another. Upon this ground propositions, evidently false or doubtful enough in their first beginning, come, by an inverted rule of probability, to pass for authentic truths ; and those which found or deserved little credit from the mouths of their first authors, are thought to grow venerable by age, are urged as undeniable.

An_Essay_Concerning_Human_Understanding Book IV Chapter_XVI "Chapter XVI: Of the Degrees of Assent"

The Literary and Cultural Rhetoric of Victimhood: Western Europe, 1970-2005 by Fatima Naqvi


Moral Treatment / William Tuke / Occupational therapy


What is neoliberalism?

Background music we can listen to while we scroll down the page.

Tycho - A Walk (Live on KEXP)

The destructive character lives from the feeling that life is not worth living but that suicide is not worth the trouble. 
--Walter Benjamin, "The Destructive Character," Selected Writings Vol 2 part 2, 542

“Won’t You Be My Neighbor” (2018)

"Look for the helpers."

--Fred Rogers

Adam Ruins Everything 

A Visual History of Trump Magazine Cover

What substantively do the anti-Trump elites have to show against Trump other than moral indignation? Pretty much nothing.


Elites express moral indignation over dirty words by a Trump appointee but not over Trump's agenda.

"What the hell is going on? . . . It's embarassing for the nation . . . . This may prove to be some kind of turning point"
Bob Schieffer on "embarrassing" Scaramucci in...

Elite, moral, polite speech:

Our aristocracy "differs" from the "ruling aristocracy's of old":

Obama Joins Club of the Super-Rich - Defends Global Capitalism in Lecture

He forgot "We tortured some folks" and "contrary to our values" (boilerplate for corporate employeee termination or censorship). "Our values" are never defined or concretely stated by the corporate / political establishment elite.

Compare Obama on the elites not acting with "malice" but "just being rational" to the villain saying "I'm not evil" and "just being rational" in Sorry to Bother You (2018)

Max Abelson, Obama Goes From White House to Wall Street in Less Than One Year (2017)

C. Wright Mills, The Power Elite 1956

Arno Mayer, The Persistence of the Old Regime: Europe to the Great War (Verso World History) (2010) 

Masha Gessen, "Donald Trump’s Very Soviet Fixation on Applause," New Yorker, Feb. 6, 2018

Long Before Photoshop, the Soviets Mastered the Art of Erasing People from Photographs — and History Too

The Commissar Vanishes: The Falsification of Photographs and Art in Stalin’s Russia New Edition 
by David King

RACHEL WITHERS, James Franco Was Digitally Removed From Vanity Fair’s Hollywood Issue

"First Kevin Spacey was edited out of a film. Then Louis C.K. was edited out of a cartoon. Now, James Franco has been edited out of Vanity Fair’s annual Hollywood Issue.

In a highly unusual move, Franco’s portrait was digitally erased from the magazine’s elaborate, Annie Leibovitz-shot cover at the last moment. The Disaster Artist director and star—who had already sat for a photoshoot and interview, according to the Hollywood Reporter—was removed from the prestigious “Hollywood Portfolio” after allegations of sexual misconduct from multiple women surfaced following his Golden Globes win. Franco has denied the allegations, telling Stephen Colbert that they are inaccurate, while voicing his support for the movement as a whole."

Kevin Spacey replaced by Ridley Scott

With Spacey and without - compare the All the Money in the World trailers

Fake News in Berlin Correspondent(1942)

How does this information leak out?

But maybe it's false news. Yes, maybe it's not true?

But it's true!


LOSER! "That’s why the president revoked my security clearance: to try to silence anyone who would dare challenge him."

The ruthless politics of neoliberalism becomes clearer when contrasted to Democratic Socialism

Fear and Loathing in Trump's America

President Trump said on Monday that he has the power to pardon himself. June 4, 2018

To Be or Not To Be — "Heil Myself"

Twitter Suspensions Causing Outrage

"Many more Blacks will be caught up in the “hate speech” net that the high tech monopolists have deployed. Anyone that has gone to protests against killer cops has shouted words that could be deemed hate speech -- because we do hate killer cops, and we do hate their armed occupation of our communities, and we have every right to say so among ourselves or to shout it to the world. Black people -- and especially Black activists -- must be most zealous in defense of free speech, knowing that our speech will be the first to be curtailed and outlawed. he high tech monopolists’ assault on right-winger Alex Jones under a “hate speech” standard is bad news for Black political speech, and for radical speech. “Hate speech” is a trap. A few months ago, all but eleven members of the Congressional Black Caucus voted to make any assault on police a “hate crime,” thereby giving police the status of a protected class. The “hate speech” trick, in practice, rewards Black people’s occupiers and abusers (the police) and renders voices of protest illegitimate and mute."

--Glen Ford, Martial Law By Other Means: Corporate Strangulation of Dissent

Wait. WHO wants to hate? What is up with the ellipsis in the headline below?

"That to me is the thing with this man: He wants to hate. When Trump feels what he believes is a righteous indignation, his default position is hatred."  June 2018

Brexit is Dying

"Why can’t we hate men?" Suzanna Danuta Walters, a professor of sociology and director of the Women’s, Gender, and Sexuality Studies Program at Northeastern University, is the editor of the gender studies journal Signs. June 8, 2018


vs. Pink Pussy Hats and "Representation"

Is this CoIntelPro? Seriously?!

Compare to

Portia Boulger, Featured in Viral Video Viewed by Millions, Explains her Anger at DNC 2016

Author Argues Colleges More Training Than Transformation

Network - Mad as Hell Scene 1976

Counsellor At Law (1933)

Respectability Will Not Save Us

austerity fails.mp4

"The offensive attitudes and statements discovered on James' Twitter feed are indefensible and inconsistent with our studio's values, and we have severed our business relationship with him," Walt Disney Studios chairman Alan Horn said in a statement Friday.

The offensive tweets came to light after conservative website The Daily Caller dug up the social media posts, which were mostly posted in 2008 and 2009.


Can uncivil, hardnosed, motivational speech be more effective than civil motivational cheerleading?

Is this poster better or worse than . . .

this poster?

Contrast the design of both posters. Which one is better designed? Who do you hear talking to you?




"U Matter" to whom? Who is saying this? "We care." Who cares? Who does the care-giving?

If you need to relax . . . . (go directly to time stamp 1:54)

But Wait. Wait a minute. What if "hate speech"not only has to be tolerated not only becasue "hate speech" is Constitutionally protected speech but because there is no such thing as safe speech or even targeted speech or an index of prohibited because "offensive," uncivil words that only racist (and other "ists") white people use? And what if hate speech is to be unbound, imagined, invented, and well-expressed, well-written? What if you just take the L?

Here is an example of praise for a "wor(l)d-disturbing" hater:

The economy of [Karl Kraus's] errors and weaknesses –more a fantastic edifice than the totality of his gifts—is so delicately and precisely organized that all outward confirmation only disrupts it.  Well it may, if this man is to be certified as the “pattern of a harmoniously and perfectly formed human type,” if he is to appear—in a term as absurd stylistically as semantically—as a philanthropist, so that anyone listening to his “hardness” with “the ears of a soul” would find the reason for it in compassion. No! This incorruptible, piercing, resolute assurance does not spring from the noble poetic or humane disposition that his followers are so fond of attributing to him.  How utterly banal, and at the same time how fundamentally wrong, is their derivation of his hatred from love, when it is obvious how much more elemental are the forces here at work: a humanity that is only an alternation of sophistry and malice, a nature that is the highest school of aversion to mankind and a pity that is alive only when interlaced with vengeance, “Oh, had I only been left the choice / to carve the dog or the butcher, / I should have chosen.”  Nothing is more perverse than to try to fashion him after the image of what he loves.  Rightly, Kraus the “timeless world-disturber” has been confronted with the “eternal world-improver,” on whom benign glances not infrequently fall.

Walter Benjamin, “Karl Krauss” in Selected Writings, Vol 2, Part 2 1931-1934 ed. Michael Jennings, Harvard UP, pp. 442-43.

"The time is out of joint." Literature as Anachronism. Forget "now."

Yes, everything is political. So what?

Aesthetic Choices Are Inescapable! Down to a single word and even a single letter.

For example:

"Man frage nicht" by Karl Kraus published in October 1933.

Kraus's last word "erwachte" pointedly echoes a popular Nazi slogan, "Germany Awake," introduced circa 1923, seen on the 1932 Nazi banner below:

So much for being "WOK."

Dialectical Thinking:

Again. Aesthetic Choices Are Inescapable! An everyday example:

Led Zeppelin's "Immigrant Song" in the opening title sequence of David Fincher's Girl with the Dragon Tatoo (2011) and in Thor Ragnarok's (2017) prologue.

Apparat's 'Goodbye'

introducing the final scene of BREAKING BAD season four's finale, Face Off (2011).


the opening title sequence of Netflix's Dark (2017)

"Stupid Shit: (In)security in the Age of Twilightenment" (2008)

If you need to relax . . . . (go directly to time stamp 1:54)

RICHARD TRENHOLM, 'The Cleaners' dishes dirt on social media JANUARY 29, 2018

Pre-School Politics

From "I Get That" to "I Don't Get That."

Penderecki: Threnody for the Victims of Hiroshima

Alex WilliamsTech Elites Recreate Burning Man Inside Their Living Rooms

Like a modern version of a medieval minstrel, a singer named Jess Magic is helping A-list entrepreneurs get in touch with their inner child in private “songversations.” June 29, 2018


If you need to relax . . . . (go directly to time stamp 1:54)

If you really tried to talk about racism in academia, you couldn't. Because it would be unthinkable. Because you would have to know something, learn something beyond you. Talking about something deeply disturbing doesn't necessarily mean you feel better afterwards.

Stream of Consciousness Raising:

William Faulkner, Intruder in the Dust (1948)

Film adaptation of Intruder in the Dust (1949)


Suburbicon Official Trailer #1 (2017) 

Racism and White Trash Abuse in William Faulkner, "Barn Burning"

Patti Smith, "Rock 'N' Roll N-word"

 Joseph P. Williams, "Segregation's Legacy Fifty years after the Fair Housing Act was signed, America is nearly as segregated as when President Lyndon Johnson signed the law." April 20, 2018

I Am Not Your Negro James Baldwin and Race in America

More literary "hate speech":

The n-word used 108 times in Paul Beatty's prize-winning 308 page long satirical novel

The Sellout.

“The Nixon campaign in 1968, and the Nixon White House after that, had two enemies: the antiwar left and black people. You understand what I’m saying? We knew we couldn’t make it illegal to be either against the war or black, but by getting the public to associate the hippies with marijuana and blacks with heroin, and then criminalizing both heavily, we could disrupt those communities. We could arrest their leaders, raid their homes, break up their meetings, and vilify them night after night on the evening news. Did we know we were lying about the drugs? Of course we did.”

Dan Baum, Harper's, April 2016 issue "Legalize It All" 

Dive into the heart of the Roland-Garros atmosphere! Chapter 4: joy.

If you need to relax . . . . (go directly to time stamp 1:54)

Why do the Elite Hate Democracy?

What if identity politics is a way of NOT talking about race, class, gender, or sexuality, the promotion of vacuous, inconsequential, content-free, market-tested slogans rather than concrete public policies and legislation (aka an agenda)?

After Gaza Massacre, Has Israel Lost Liberal American Jews? 

So much for free speech and "hate speech":

43 Senators Want to Make It a Federal Crime to Boycott Israeli Settlements

The New Israel Anti-Boycott Act Is Still Unconstitutional

Landmark bill restricting criticism of Israel sneaks through South Carolina Senate

"The legislation codifies a definition of anti-Semitism that significantly changes the meaning of the word, and it requires the state’s colleges to use this new definition when determining whether an action is “discriminatory” and therefore prohibited. This new definition declares statements that are critical of Israel—even when factual“anti-Semitic” and therefore impermissible."

South Carolina’s New Hate Speech Law Outlaws Criticism of the Israeli Occupation 

In bill author Clemmons’ view, discussing the military occupation of the West Bank, a reality recognized even by Israel’s Supreme Court, would be considered anti-Semitic under the new South Carolina law.

Candace Owens on Her Journey From Left to Right  Sep 28, 2017

From the art of hilarious despair

to the song of the Loser:

Doris Duke (Usa, 1969) "I'm a Loser"


Walter Benn Michaels, "Who gets ownership of pain and victimhood?"

From The New Yorker

In this cogent jeremiad, which is certain to be controversial, Michaels diagnoses America's love of diversity as one of our greatest problems. Not only does it reinforce ideas of racial essentialism that it claims to repudiate; it obscures the crevasse between rich and poor. Michaels, a scholar of American literature, suggests that the growth of economic inequality over the past few decades is the result of a deeply ingrained and unchallenged class structure. Scrutinizing current events and religion, he argues that our fixation with the "phantasm" of race promotes identity over ideology, and he rejects the idea that meritocracy prevails in America's elite universities. A believer in the power of progressive politics, he calls for a debate in which class, rather than identity, would be at the fore. "You can be black and upper middle class, you can be gay and upper class, you can be transsexual and upper class, you can be a woman and be upper middle class, you can be an immigrant and upper class, but you can't be working class and upper middle class.  The University is (or was) an upper middle class institution and its culture and habitus (if you will) cannot tolerate working class culture: working class culture is what the University keeps out and what upwardly mobile students want to shed.  As Walter Michaels says, they want to stop being working class.  They don't want to do dangerous jobs, be poorly paid, have bad taste. . . . " 

--Sharon O'Dair

Walter Benjamin,"The Path to Success, in Thirteen Theses," in Walter Benjamin: Selected Writings, Volume 2: Part 1 1927–1930 ed. Michael Jennings, Harvard UP, 2005, pp

A Rare Collection: Lessons Learned from Dick Macksey

Stewart Lee: my life on the shelf

Stewart Lee on UKIP

Masha Gessen, "Donald Trump’s Very Soviet Fixation on Applause," New Yorker, Feb. 6, 2018

Moral Treatment

William Tuke

Occupational therapy


Frantz Fanon (universal emancipation)

As Black as Resistance

Finding the Conditions for Liberation

William C. Anderson (author); Zoé Samudzi (author); Mariame Kaba (foreword)


November 18, 2006

Contrast the design of both posters. Which one is better designed? Who do you hear talking to you?



"U Matter" to whom? Who is saying this? "We care." Who cares? Who does the care-giving?

Why You Must Never Major in Journalism (skim if you must, but don't read; roll your eyes; move on): Woke 101: If Starbucks struggled to teach about race, can universities on’ diversity curriculums do better?


Martin Heidegger on the "They" and "idle chatter" (Rede) in Being and Time.


Theodor Adorno, Minima Moralia: Reflections from Damaged Life

On the Image of "X" Fetish and "Iconoclash"

Bruno Latour, On the Modern Cult of the Factish Gods (Science and Cultural Theory)\

"This seems, finally, to be Bird’s rather pointed agenda: to put his readers on notice that, in these fraught times of national struggle over slavery, and in the face of intractable political dilemmas, he could give no affordance for moralistic complacency of any sort." Christopher Looby, "Introduction," Sheppard Lee Written by Himself

Robert Montgomery Bird, "My Friends in the Madhouse," Peter Pilgrim; Or, A Rambler's Recollections

James Kirke Paulding, Westward Ho!: A Tale

Christopher Looby, "Introduction," Sheppard Lee, Written By Himself

Seneca, "On the Shortness of Life"

Dorothea Lynde Dix, Remarks on Prisons and Prison Discipline in the United States

Stewart Lee: my life on the shelf

Stewart Lee on UKIP

Theodor Adorno, Minima Moralia: Reflections from Damaged Life

On the Image Fetish and "Iconoclash"

Bruno Latour, On the Modern Cult of the Factish Gods (Science and Cultural Theory)

"Neoliberal Arts" Harper's Magazine 2015

Dickens, Charles. 1852. "A Ragged School," Harper's Magazine

Arthur Schopenhauer, "On University Philosophy" in Parerga and Paralipomena:Short Philosophical Essays Vol. 1 Ed. Christopher Janaway. (1851 / Cambridge University Press, 2015)

Arthur Schopenhauer, "The Art of Being Right" or, "The Art of Controversy"

Friedrich Nietzsche, "Schopenhauer as Educator" (1874)

"Historical, in fact philological, consider- ations have slowly but surely taken the place of profound explorations of eternal problems. The question becomes: What did this or that phi- losopher think or not think? And is this or that text rightly ascribed to him or not? And even: Is this variant of a classical text preferable to that other? Students in university seminars today are encouraged to occupy themselves with such emasculated inquiries. As a result, of course, philosophy itself is banished from the university altogether."

Nietzsche, Friedrich. 1872 anti-education Harper's Magazine

Friedrich Nietzsche,1872. ANTI-EDUCATION introduction and annotation by Paul Reitter and Chad Wellmon, translated from the German by Damion Searls

Heidegger, Martin, 1933. "The Self-Assertion of the German University and The Rectorate 1933/34: Facts and Thoughts," Review of Metaphysics 38 (March 1985): 467-502. 

Auerbach, Eric. 1943. Epilogue to Mimesis: The Represenation of Reality in Western Literature

Curtius, E. R. 1947. Die auslandiche wissenschaftliche Literatur der Kriegs- und Nachkriegsjahre ist mir bis auf verschwindende Ausnahmen nicht zuganglich gewesen. Auch die Bonner Universitatebibliothek ist seit 1944 in folge eines Bombenangriffs teils unbenuntzbar, teils verbrannt. Ich habe daher manches Zitat nicht meher vergleichen, manche Quelle nicht mehr einsehen konnen. Aber wenn die literature 'das fragment der Fragmente" ist (Goethe), muss ein Versuch wie der vorleigende erst recht den Charackter des Fragmentarishcen tragen.

During the war and postwar years, I lost sight of foreign literary criticism after it vanished and was thus inaccessible to me. Also, as a consequence of an air raid in 1944, parts of the Bonn University Library were unusable or burnt. I could no longer check various citations or consult many sources. But if literature is "the fragment of fragments" (Goethe), an attempt like this one in particular must exhibit a fragmentary character.] — "Vorwort," in Europaisches Literatur und Lateinische Mittelater, (my translation; not translated in the English edition of 195

Curtius, E. R. 1953. I have tried to show that humanistic tradition is from time to time attacked by philosophy. It may suffer a serious setback from these aggressions. Many signs seem to point to the fact that we are faced once more with an incursion of philosophers, existentialists... "Appendix: The Medieval Bases of Western Thought," European Literature in the Latin Middle Ages, 592

De Man, Paul. 1983. As a control discipline . . . philology represents a store of established knowledge; to seek to supersede it . . . is without merit. "Heidegger's Exegeses of Hölderlin," Blindness and Insight, , 263-4.

Readings, BiIl. 1997. The University in Ruins. Harvard University Press. 

Derrida, Jacques. 2001. "The University Without Condition," originally delivered as a Presidential Lecture at Stanford University in 1998. Its title was "The Future of the Profession or the University Without Condition (Thanks to the 'Humanities,' What Could Take Place Tomorrow)." This version can be found in Jacques Derrida and the Humanities: A Critical Reader, ed. Tom Cohen (Cambridge: Cambridge Univ. Press, 2001), 24-57. A slightly altered version, recast as an essay, appeared as "The University Without Condition" in Jacques Derrida, Without Alibi, trans. Peggy Kamuf (Stanford: Stanford Univ. Press, 2002), 202-37. The French original is L'université sans condition (Paris: Galilée, 2001).

Derrida, Jacques. 2002 Who's Afraid of Philosophy: Right to Philosophy 1 trans. Jan Plug. Stanford Univ. Press, 

Derrida,Jacques. 2004 Eyes of the University: Right to Philosophy 2 trans. Jan Plug. Stanford Univ. Press,

Avital Ronell, "Introduction" in Complaint: Grievance among Friends (2018)

Recommended Viewing and Reading:

Avital Ronell. Complaints Department. 2015

Avital Ronell, "The Uninterrogated Question of Stupidity." differences: A Journal of Feminist Cultural Studies.
8.2 (Summer 1996)

Walter Benjamin, "Privileged Thinking"

Executive Order: Images of 1970s Corporate America

Habeas Corpus / The End of Habeas Corpus

Valerie Solanas, SCUM Manifesto

Jack Black,‎ You Can't Win

Joe Coleman (Illustrator),‎ William S. Burroughs (Foreword)


"Er lasst sich nicht lesen" THE MAN OF THE CROWD by Edgar Allan Poe (1850)

Messiness & Creativity: How a Messy Desk and Creative Work Go Hand in Hand

Finding Your Way into a Literary work: Reading as Invention (Inventio) and as Discovery (Why those two words?) Criticism is Creative (Writing).

"Wildered" Percy Shelley, Alastor, l.140

Etymology / Online Etymology Dictionary

Reading the Table of Contents

Gérard Genette, Paratexts: Thresholds of Interpretation 

PDF is here. 



Table of Contents pdf of Introduction Here.

Martin Heidegger, selections from Being and Time and The Basic Concepts of Metaphysics; and "The Essence of Ground," in Pathmarks

Arthur Schopenhauer, "On Noise," in Studies in Pessimism

Maurice Blanchot, The Instant of My Death 

Maurice Blanchot, "Literature and the Right to Death," in The Work of Fire, trans. Charlotte Mandell and Lydia Davis (Stanford, CA: Stanford University Press, 1995), 300-43.

Michel de Montaigne, "Of CoachesEssays, Book Three, Chapter Six.

Jacques Derrida, Death Penalty Seminar, Vol. 1, Session Eleven, pp. 270-83.

Michel de Montaigne, "To His Father: On the Death of La Boétie," in Complete Works of Montaigne, Trans. Donald Frame, 1276-88.

Seneca, "On the Shortness of Life"

Maurice Blanchot, "The Last Word" in Friendship (1971; trans 1997)

Maurice Blanchot, "The Very Last Word" in Friendship (1971; trans 1997) 

Jean-Jacques RousseauReveries of a Solitary Walker, "Second Promenade"

Maurice Blanchot, "Idle Speech," from Friendship.

Jacques Derrida, "Fichus" and selected letters written by Walter Benjamin that Derrida discusses in "Fichus."

Jacques Derrida, "Force of Law"

Walter Benjamin, "Critique of Violence"

Friedrich Theodor Vischer, Auch Einer: Eine Reisebekanntschaft (in English); Heimito von Doderer, "Eight Attacks of Rage" and "The Torture of the
Little Leather Pouches," in A Person Made of Porcelain and Other
; Seneca, "On Anger"

Friedrich Theodor Vischer, "A Rabid Philosopher"

Jörg Kreienbrock, Malicious Objects, Anger Management, and the
Question of Modern Literature

What is an ideologue? What is an intellectual? What is fake news? How do you decide if a source is reliable? Glenn greenwald at the Intercept versus Jimmy Dore show versus Max Keiser Report versus Alex Jones at infowars

Have a group of students lead for each week on the film--cover it in depth for two classes--and be experts on the film research, divide it up--in the film, listen to the commentary, compile a bibliography. Be experts on the film., ocys on formal aspects that define these films and their relation to violence, sexuality, sexism, misogyny, misanthropy, and nationalism.

Turn in your notes to me a week in advance. Be prepared to bring in the information you've learned as it is relevant to discussion.

Get the DVD yourselves.

Build to a reasearch paper using your notes and biblio to discuss one film you have led on, if you wish,and one filmyou havenot.



Jack London, "To Build a Fire"--


CIA Manual for Purposeful Stupidity

William Faulkner, A Rose for Emily

Samuel Taylor Coleridge, "Rime of the Ancient Mariner"
T.S. Eliot, "The Wasteland"
William Empson, "Obscurity and Annotation"

Thomas Bernhard, Extinction
Thomas Bernhard, Correction
Franz Kafka, The Verdict

Edgar Allen Poe, William Wilson

Stefan Zweig, Amok



Hart Crane, selected poems
Sigmund Freud, A Child Is Being Beaten
Paul Roazen, Brother Animal: The Story of Freud and Tausk

Samuel Beckett, From an Abandoned Work

James Joyce, "The Dead"

Shepard Tone

Masha Gessen, "Donald Trump’s Very Soviet Fixation on Applause," New Yorker, Feb. 6, 2018

"Call Out Culture"

Angela Nagle's Kill All Normies, Josie Appleton's Officious


They miss the virtual economy of "likes" and the vacuous categories Twitter gives you, like "impressions."   Ditto for citations on academia.edu

FRIEDRICH NIETZSCHE, Thus Spoke Zarathustra

FRIEDRICH NIETZSCHE, Genealogy of Morals,Third Treatise

Cyrano de Bergerac / J-P Rappeneau (Gerard Depardieu)

Zero Squared #136: Lindsay Shepherd and Free Speech

Debunking the Bernie Bro Myth: Briahna Joy Gray Interview with Katie Halper

Two women debating the merits or flaws of HRC's policies before the 2016 election. One is a socialist woman of color. She got $15 minimum wage passed in Seattle with no help from the Democratic Party (they are against the 15 minimum). The other woman is white, a Democrat, a writer for neoliberal publications, and a self-avowed feminist.

Published on Nov 2, 2016
Michael Moore tweeted, "No women ever invented an atomic bomb, built a
smoke stack, initiated a Holocaust, melted the polar ice caps or
organized a school shooting," and was immediately and powerfully
corrected by screenwriter Jessica Ellis.

The Birth Control Handbook: The Underground Student Publication That Let Women Take Control of Their Bodies (1968)

Dive into the heart of the Roland-Garros atmosphere! Chapter 3: motivation.

Dive into the heart of the Roland-Garros atmosphere! Chapter 4: joy.

25 Labor Events and Organizers Who We Should Teach About During Women’s History Month

Cyrano de Bergerac (1990) with Gerard Depardieu "Tirade du nez"

Neoliberalese ("very scientific!") and the privatized, corporate university

Pro: Reclaiming Abortion Rights, Katha Pollitt

Jacques Derrida excoriating Giorgio Agamben in The Beast and the Sovereign Vol. 1, pp. 92-95 on "the first great thinker," adding "one no longer knows who was the first to define what." 2003

Jonathan Goldberg, What's with "Firsts" in (Good) Women Studies 1997