Course Description:

This course will engage two questions: What does it mean to be sick? (See Nietzsche) And what does it mean to be lied too and then find out, or to be lied to and not want to know, preteend you heard the truth? We will focus on a number of films in different genres that dealing with mentally ill characters and that address changes in mental hospitals, shuttered mental hospitals, and psychiatry as well as the histories of madness and of Freudian and Nazi psychoanalysis. Some attention will be paid to photography. Readings will include works by Michel Foucault, Sigmund Freud, and Laurence A. Rickels. Films will include Vertigo, Psycho, Peeping Tom, Sisters, The Snake Pit, Shock Corridor, Twelve Monkeys, among others. Requirements: Total Attendance; co-lead class discussion twice, once on a Tuesday and once on a Thursday; two discussion questions and three or more "BIG WORDS" or film shots for each class; student formulated quizzes each class; a Film Clip Analysis and two 500 word papers; and a willingness to reflect, think, respond, by paying very, VERY, VERY close formal attention to texts and films. For more information, go to’mnotcrazy!/