Current Research

Paleoclimate and Paleoecology of the Lowland Neotropics

Long sediment cores from Lake Peten-Itza, Guatemala are being studied to “reconstruct” high-resolution records of past climate and environmental change in the region.

Life History of Exotic Island Apple Snails in Florida Lakes

Stable oxygen isotope analyses along the growth axis of snail shells are used to establish how long they live and how fast they grow in Florida waters

Age Determination of Endangered Freshwater Mussels

Stable oxygen isotopes are being measured across mussel shells to determine if growth bands used to estimate age are in fact annual.

Holocene Environmental History of Tonle Sap Lake, Cambodia

Geochemistry of sediment cores from Tonle Sap Lake reveals its Middle Holocene connection with the Mekong River, which today accounts for its annual flood pulse and high fishery productivity

Heavy Metal Deposition in Florida Lakes

Analyses of 210Pb-dated sediment cores from Florida lakes reveal the history of anthropogenic inputs of heavy metals (e.g. lead) to surface waters