The Florida Institute of Paleoenvironmental Research (FLIPER) laboratory (Williamson Hall) is designed for comprehensive study of sediment cores from lakes, wetlands, and marine environments. The lab is equipped with a cold room for core storage, a Geotek Multi-Sensor Core Logger (MSCL), a Micromeritics Sedigraph, an autoclave, a muffle furnace, and a freeze drier.  We have three EG & G Ortec well-type germanium detectors for 210Pb dating cores.  The adjacent Micropaleontology Laboratory is equipped with microscopes to identify and isolate microfossils for stable isotope analysis.  There are UIC coulometers for total C, inorganic C, and S analyses.  The affiliated stable isotope facility possesses UIC coulometers, a Carlo-Erba NA 1500 analyzer for total C and N, and mass spectrometers, for measurement of d18O, d 13C, and d 15N in carbonates and organic matter. There is also a comprehensive water and sediment geochemistry laboratory in Turlington Hall. Boats and field gear are available for sediment and water sampling.