Limnology - This course examines physical, chemical, and biological aspects of inland waters, with a focus on tropical and subtropical lakes, rivers, and springs.

Paleolimnology - This class focuses on the study of sediment cores from lakes and wetlands to infer past environments and understand such processes as climate change, erosion and deposition, deforestation, lake acidification, and eutrophication.

Perspectives in Florida Lake Management – This course focuses on applied problems in Florida lake management, including: 1) water shortages, 2) eutrophication, 3) exotic plants and animals, 4) toxic algae blooms, 5) heavy metals, 6) fisheries and wildlife

Tropical Ecology of the Yucatán Peninsula – This UF Overseas Study class presents an overview of the ecology of the Yucatan Peninsula. It is taught in Mexico in cooperation with faculty from the Autonomous University of Yucatan (UADY). Among the topics covered: climate, karst geology, freshwater ecosystems (cenotes and lakes), coastal saline lagoons and mangroves, marine reefs and beaches, vegetation, traditional and modern agricultural techniques. There are field excursions to caves, cenotes, lakes, springs, coastal mangroves, salt ponds, Caribbean beaches and reefs, offshore islands, low and high forest, indigenous agricultural systems, and Maya archaeological sites.  Students live in Merida with local families and study Spanish at UADY.