Dr. Barbara E. McDade
Associate Professor

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Areas of Specialization

  • Economic development, Africa and African Diaspora
  • Entrepreneurship and economic development
  • Economic viability of indigenous businesses in Africa
  • My primary areas of research are entrepreneurship and economic development
    and economic viability of small and medium size businesses in Ghana (West Africa).
    In the past two years I expanded my research areas to
    Southern Africa (Botswana & South Africa)
    and East Africa (Kenya & Uganda).
    In the African Diaspora--my research focus is on
    Black-owned businesses in the United States.

    Educational Background

    PhD -- University of Texas at Austin, 1993
    MS -- University of Texas at Austin, 1989

    BA -- Texas Southern University, 1969

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    Student Service

    Member of Doctoral Committees of Current Students

    Chair of Committee:  David Padgett, Geography

    Chair of Committee:  John Warford, Geography

    Shannell Grimes, Anthropology

    Margaret E. B. Joyner, Anthropology

    Member of Doctoral Committees of  Ph.D. Recipients

    Vanessa Anne Vere Slinger, Geography, 2002
        "Ecotourism in a Small Caribbean Island (Dominica):
        Lessons Learned for Economic Development and Nature Preservation"

    James Timothy Murphy, Geography, 2001
        "Networks, Trust, and Innovation:  The Social Dimensions of Entrepreneurship in
           Tanzania's Manufacturing Sector"

    Travis H. Bradshaw, Geography, 2000
        "Evangelistic Churches:  Geographic, Demographic, and Marketing Variables
          That Facilitate Their Growth"

    Glade Knutsen, Geography, 1999
        "Small Scale Dairying in Two Intensive, High Altitude Farming Systems in Tanzania"

    Amanda Espy Brown, Geography, 1998
        "Structural, Cultural, and Institutional Constraints to Improved Health and
          Nutrition in Southwest Nigeria"

    Sharon Corkill Cobb, Geography, 1998
        "Global Finance and Offshore Financial Centers: Case Study of the Isle of Man"

    Trevor Woollery, Food & Resource Economics, 1997
        "Tropical Forest Depletion: Assessing Forest Products Trade and Economic
         Influences on Forest Area Industrially Logged (Ghana)"

    Karla Slocum, Anthropology, 1996
        "Producing under a Globalizing Economy: Intersection of Economics, Politics,
           and Culture in Work, Lives, and Actions of St. Lucian Banana Growers"

    Dona J. Stewart, Geography, 1994
        "Regional Economic Development in Egypt:  Dispersed Growth through New Communities"

    Committees of Other Degree Recipients at UF

    John Carey, Geography, B.A. with High Honors, 1994

    Vanessa Slinger, Geography, B.A. with High Honors, 1993

    President, I n f o N a t in Where Knowledge is Power
                    Lectures, Visual Presentations, Educational Materials
                    Trade Information, Market Area Research, Economic Analyses

    Chair, 1996-1999, Africa Specialty Group of the Association of American Geographers.

    Advisory Board Chair, 1993-present, Florida/West Africa Linkage Institute (FLAWI).

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