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Research Specialization
My research interests include theoretical syntax and morphology with a strong empirical basis. Most of this work centers around Bantu (and to a lesser extent Semitic) languages and is couched within the ‘minimalist program’ approach to generative grammar. I also have a focus on language documentation and have been documenting the Chimiini Language, an endangered language of the southern Somali coast, for four years now (see the web link on the side bar). Finally, for six years I have worked on the Board of Directors of
Wuqu’ Kawoq | Maya Health Alliance, a healthcare NGO in Guatemala that has worked to build a model of rural development that is also an effective model of for language revitalization.


Fall 2013 Courses
Intro to Linguistics (LIN 3010)

Issues in Morphology (LIN 6402)

Brent Henderson, Assistant Professor

Department of Linguistics

University of Florida