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Selected Publications and Papers


Comparative Historical Work on Paths to Democracy in Europe

The Moore Thesis:  What’s Left after 1989?  Democratization 2016.

Chronic Instability and the Limits of Path Dependence. POP 2015.

Post-Communism, the Civilizing Process, and the Mixed Impact of Leninist Violence. EEPS 2015. Co-author: Jeffrey Kopstein.

Twenty Years After Communism: The Politics of Memory and Commemoration, Oxford University Press, 2014. Co-editor and co-author: Jan Kubik.

Twenty Years After Communism: The Politics of Memory and Commemoration

The Revolutions of 1989: Twenty Years Later. Angelaki 2010 

Symposium: Rereading The Intellectuals on the Road to Class Power. Theory and Society, 2005.

Democratization in Germany: A Reappraisal. CP 2001


Large-n Cross-national Event History Studies of Democratic Survival

Institutional Subsystems and the Survival of Democracy: Do Political and Civil Society Matter?  V-Dem Working Paper. Coauthors: Christopher Reenock, Allen Hicken, and Staffan Lindberg.

Communist Legacies and Democratic Survival in a Comparative Perspective, EEPS 2016. Co-authors: Jeff Carter and Timothy Nordstrom.

Regressive Socioeconomic Distribution and Democratic Survival, ISQ 2007. Coauthors: Christopher Reenock and David Sobek.

The Legacy of Western Overseas Colonialism on Democratic Survival, ISQ 2004. Co-authors:Christopher Reenock and Timothy Nordstrom.

Economic Performance and Survival in New Democracies:  It There a Honeymoon Effect?  CPS 2003. Co-authors: Christopher Reenock and Timothy Nordstrom.

Economic Performance, Institutional Intermediation and Democratic Breakdown, JOP 2001. Co-authors -- Christopher Reenock and Timothy Nordstrom.

Civil Society and Democracy

Making Embedded Knowledge Transparent: How the V-Dem Dataset Opens New Vistas in Civil Society Research.  POP 2017. Coauthors -- Dong-Joon Jung, Eitan Tzelgov, Michael Coppedge, and Staffan I. Lindberg.

The Wages of Extrication: Civil Society and Inequality in Postcommunist Eurasia, CP 2017. Coauthor -- Dong-Joon Jung. 

Civil Society and Democracy in an Era of Inequality, CP 2017. Coauthors -- Tiago Fernandes, and Rui Branco.  

Civil Society and Regime-Type in European Postcommunist Countries: The Perspective Two Decades after 1989-1991. TJoD 2011. Co-author: Ruchan Kaya.

Civil Society and the Legacies of Dictatorship, WP 2007. Co-author: Ekrem Karakoc.

Civil Society after the First Transition: Dilemmas of Postcommunist Democratization in Poland and Beyond, CPCS 1996.

The Origins of Democratization in Poland. Columbia University Press 1993.


Civil Society and Democratic Transition in East Central Europe. PSQ 1993.

The Strikes of June 1976 in Poland. EEPS 1987.

From the Polish Underground.  Penn State University Press.1995. Coeditor: Henryk Szlajfer.




Party Strength and Economic Growth.  Forthcoming World Politics. Co-authors: Fernando Bizarro, John Gerring, Allen Hicken, Carl Henrik Knudsen, Michael Coppedge, Svend-Erik Skaaning, and Staffan Lindberg.

State or Regime?  The Impact of Institutions on Welfare Outcomes.  EJDR 2016.  Co-author: Simone Dietrich.


Authoritarian Emulation of Democracy

Where and When do Elections Matter?  A Global Test of the the Democratization by Elections Thesis, 1900-2012.  Democratization 2017. Coauthors: Amanda Edgell, Valeria Mechkova, David Altman, and Staffan I. Lindberg.

“Are Elections Mechanisms of Authoritarian Stability or Democratization? Evidence from Postcommunist Eurasia,” POP 2013. Co-author: Ruchan Kaya. Web Appendix.



Party System Institutionalization

Moving West or Going South?  Economic Transformation and Institutionalization in Postcommunist Party Systems. CP 2001. Co-author: Ekrem Karakoc

From Formlessness to Structure? The Institutionalization of Competitive Party Systems in Africa.  CPS 2014. Co-author: Keith Weghorst.


International Conflict

Democratization and Conflict. Oxford Research Encyclopedia of Politics. Co-authors:  Ömer Faruk Örsün, and Reşat Bayer.

Democratization in Conflict Researcg:  How Conceptualization Affects Operationalization and Testing Outcomes.  International Interactions 2017. Coauthors: Ömer Faruk Örsün and Resat Bayer.

Social Revolution, the State, and War: How Revolutions affect War-Making Capacity and Interstate War Outcomes. JCR 2012. Co-authors: Jeff Carter and Glenn Palmer.

The Operationalization of Democracy and the Strength of the Democratic Peace: A Test of the Relative Utility of Scalar and Dichotomous Measures, CMPS 2010. Co-author R. Bayer


Institutional Choice in Eastern Europe

Institutions and the Fate of Democracy.  University of Pittsburgh Press 2005.



Institutional Choice after Communism:  A Critique of Theory-building in an Empirical Wasteland, EEPS. 2000.

Institutional Choice and the Failure of Democracy:  The Case of Interwar Poland, EEPS. 1999.