Tango Passion . . . ANDREA PHAM

Being a linguist, Andrea has found Argentine tango a universal, powerful and subtle non-verbal language for communication through intense connection. Her passion for tango originated from a trip to Buenos Aires to look for the “tango culture.” She took her first lessons there and has since returned almost yearly. Andrea has learned with numerous maestros from Buenos Aires, Canada and the United States, and through dancing with a countless number of partners. Among those are Rodolfo Dinzel, Alejandra Arrue and Sergio Natario, Maria Olivera, Gustavo Naveira, Muma, Omar Vega, Carolina Zolkaski and Diego Di Falco, Lydia Byrne and Barry, Alex Krebs, Robin Thomas, Carolina and Christopher. Her lead has been influenced mainly by excellent female leaders. She teaches tango in Gainesville, Florida. Contact: pham.andrea@gmail.com

Andrea's 14-year-old nephew, Brian, learns basic tango movements.

Some comments on her classes:

“Andrea’s method of teaching the Argentine tango goes way beyond learning a series of dance steps. She teaches a concept of dancing, of understanding movement, of connecting to your partners, of feeling the music and letting that guide your learning the tango. You have to unlearn the way some of us were taught ‘formal’ dancing by doing a series of steps and routines. After class the other night when we had time to practice what we had learned, it was amazing to see and experience all of us novice student dancers gliding around the room in beautiful motion.” . . . Barbara McDade, University of Florida.

“Andrea teaches steps but what she really does is so much more. She shows her students tango from the inside--passionate, clear, and never the same twice. She cares if we get each move and stays patiently with us as long as it takes. Her classes are worth the hour-plus drives some of us make to get there. Of all the teachers in the area, she’s the one.” . . . Lola Haskins, Gainesville, Florida.

“Andrea has terrific positive energy, and her passion and joy of dance are contagious. She keeps the class focused, while making it enjoyable. I joined the class without a partner, and I find it fun to change partners regularly--it helps to experience different heights, weights and styles, and I think it makes us better dancers. It challenges us to meet new people and get out of our safety zone a bit. I feel we are all improving together and encouraging each other. So there is a dynamic not only between each student and Andrea, but between the students themselves. I’m also happy that we started with walking, and only fiveweeks later we are dancing! I’m hooked!” . . . Jessica Elliott, Alachua, Florida.

“I think you’re a great teacher! It's fun to dance with the others in the group, but I definitely learn the most from dancing with you. You are fantastic!” . . . Jessica, Gainesville, Florida.

“Andrea does a great job of perceiving and teaching important aspects of tango, ranging from core issues like posture that provide a solid foundation, to flourishes and other touches that make dance fun. I made much greater progress with her teaching than with other tango instruction I have received. Her passion for the dance and its cultures drives her to constantly be working on her own skills and teaching skills. Her work as a researcher and professor inform her ability to identify issues and suggest simple, powerful solutions.” . . . Wayne Cope, Micanopy, Florida.

“I have worked with Andrea for about two months. I have become more confident in my ability to dance. I have learned many fundamental elements of dance.” . . . Martin, Gainesville, Florida.

“To our delight, Andrea Pham included my friend Michael and me in her first tango class. Although Michael was experienced and I was completely new to tango, Andrea was able to guide both of us and the rest of our class in improving not only our dancing, but also our posture, our courtesy on the dance floor, and our satisfaction in having a smooth style. Since Andrea stresses style over steps (though, of course, we do learn steps), everyone is able to dance comfortably at the milongas she offers, even after only a few weeks of class. Her instructions are clear, her demonstrations artful, and her patience infinite! Because she is so passionate about tango, she puts amazing effort into preparing and presenting her classes, to enrich the local tango community.” . . . Diana, Ocala, Florida.

“Andrea creates a very unique learning environment where everyone is accepted, made to feel comfortable, and 100% welcome. She is a patient teacher who is able to articulate clearly what changes you should make to become a better dancer. I can’t say enough about how fun, relaxed and supportive Andrea’s tango classes are.” . . . Lynn Janoski, Gainesville, Florida.

“Our meeting last Wednesday at the Hanoi tango club impressed me. I was more inspired, thank you! I like your dance style very much, and the way you expressed musicality only through walking! Thank you for everything.” . . . Phu Nguyen, Hanoi, Vietnam.

“Last night was the first time I felt that I danced tango...” . . . A follower from Hanoi Tango Club.