Visitors to Meso and Central America often think of it's inhabitants as mesitzo or Latin nations. As the traveller moves toward the Atlantic and Caribbean countries, there is a bit of a suprise. Typical names are interspersed with Livingston, Guatemala,  Bluefields, Nicaragua, Stan Creek, Belize. The cuisine changes from arroz con frijoles to stew beans and rice, there is a distinct rythmic drum beat to life on the coast. The inhabitants here are primarily of African and Amerindian descent. This fusion of culture is the gateway to AfroTropical.

The Migration to Central America
           Honduras        Map of Honduras                       Peoples Of Central America
         Nicaragua         Map of Nicaragua                  THEGARIFUNA
          Panama           Map of Panama                      *  Come and explore this unique and
         Costa Rica        Map of Costa Rica                 diverse culture through AFRO TROPICAL
         Belize         Map of Belize                        ENTER the DUGU


 Here the Sounds of the GARIFUNA
                  Turtle Shell Band " Punta Huyama"                                            Parranda Music "Busigan"  

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HUMAN                                                                                               AIDS epidemic that threatens the GARIFUNA
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